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The List

1st, 2nd & Payroll Accountant needed for 1/2 Hour Single Cam Series (San Fernando Valley).

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Job Description

1st Assistant, 2nd Assistant, and Payroll Accountant needed for first year, 1/2 hour, single-cam series shooting in the San Fernando Valley.
–8/2 Start for 1st and Payroll, 2nd to start 3 or 4 weeks later
–Wrap TBD, estimate through the end of the year at least
–Non-Affiliate benefits
–EP Payroll, Smart Accounting software
–SmartStart and SmartTime to be used, experience with these programs highly desired
–Team to work from production office with Covid protocols in place, though remote may be possible for Payroll Accountant

Looking to assemble an excellent team of experienced, good natured people. Please send resume and references to