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The List

1st Assistant, 2nd Assistant, A/P Clerk and Payroll Clerk needed for Studio RomCom (New Jersey).

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Job Description

Hey all, looking for the following positions for a major studio romantic comedy with offices in Kearney Point, NJ. Prior experience with Cast and Crew and the NJ Tax Credit preferred but not required. Perks include non-affiliate benefits (for 1st and 2nd Assistant positions), competitive rates, and super cool coworkers.
First Assistant Accountant – Duties include: Overseeing the General Ledger, Maintaining the Trial Balance, Obtaining appropriate approvals, Managing Payments, Bank Reconciliation, Some light reporting, Staff management

Second Assistant Accountant – Duties (to be split with another Second) include: Purchase Order auditing, coding, and entry, Invoice auditing, coding, and entry, Petty Cash auditing, coding, and entry, P-Card ordering, auditing, coding, entry, and management

AP Clerk – Duties include: Phone answering, E-Mail monitoring, Log maintenance, Liaising with crew

Payroll Clerk – Duties include: Phone answering, E-Mail monitoring, Sending Start Paperwork (including proper coding of positions), Liaising with crew

Resumes may be sent to