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Director Production Finance/Budgeting & Estimation (Burbank)

Director Production Finance/Budgeting & Estimation – Burbank, CA

This position will supervise a team of Estimators and Senior Accountants to create and provide production budgets for ABC Studios pilots, series, presentations and a myriad of ongoing and ad hoc analysis.
• Liaise with Production and Finance teams to maintain fiscal efficiencies for our Network and non-Network programs as well as projects in development
• Provide consulting services for finance and field production accountants on a daily basis
• Identify cost/spend trends through historical data, financial analysis and budgets
• Assist in the selection and hiring of Accountants for various pilots and series
• Stay up-to-date and informed on union regulations and area specific labor pools
• Create and continue development of estimating techniques with template budgets and new modalities to provide tracking efficiencies and process improvements
• Understand and be proficient in reconciling all ABCS production accountant’s pattern and amort budgets on a seasonal basis as well as review all pilot budget throughout the year
• Mentor and educate associates and finance executives of various aspects of production finance and estimating/budgeting
• When required serve as a Finance Executive for current shows and pilots
• B.A. or degree in finance, accounting or a related field
• Thorough knowledge of state and international tax incentive laws and credits to provide Senior management with the latest tax incentive analysis as to the best location to capture the highest return of rebates and tax credits to the company
• Full knowledge of Movie Magic Budgeting
• Excellent writing and speaking skills
• Minimum 10 years production accounting/finance experience with at least 5 years in a Lead Accountant role.
• Understand the nuances between Network 1 Hr. Dramas, Comedies and Multi-Camera pilots and series

EMAIL FOR SUBMISSIONS: stacy.lewis@disney.com