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Lead Production Accountant needed for Accounting Department (New York)

Lead Production Accountant needed for Accounting Department [NYC – UNION SQ AREA]
NYC based Production Company seeks a strong accountant to oversee the general production accounting department. Current accountant is going on a 11 week leave and we are looking for someone to jump in for 3-4 months with production cost accounting experience to continue managing the workflow. Duties include:
• Managing the progress of junior and 1st level accountants managing input. Managing the progress of the 2 payroll accountants managing the payroll these projects.
• Review some of the input from the team
• Minimum monthly cost reporting on most of the active projects. In some cases a cost report will be needed twice a month depending on production’s needs.
• Manage the department to meet operating level reporting to deadlines – may include ensuring that any other lead accountants working on single projects
• Ensure completeness of the reports maintained in files and that the tie with support docs.
• Ensure billings to productions are done in a timely basis and direct accountant on creating bills.
• Serve as the lead accountant on varies docuseries/nonunion shows that are in varying stages of production. Monitor progress and communicate with Production and the CFO regarding status and cost reports.
• Help CFO find accountants in CA/NY for any new productions that would require a full separate team/cannot be handled internally.
• Assist with forecasting/managing cash needs.
Very Important: Must have experience with multiple accounting software including and especially Smart Accounting/VPO/excel and must understand general accounting concepts and journaling (you’d be surprised)! Also great if you’ve had experience with their corporate system. Having experience in the main accounting office of a production company a plus.
Start date preferred to be the 17th of June and is expected to the middle of September. Can be an earlier start date if available. Please apply by submitting your resume, weekly rate requirements, and when you can start to mcnypositions@gmail.com.