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Payroll Accountant, 2nd Assistant Accountant, & AP/Payroll Clerk for High-profile, 1/2 hour, Single-cam HBSVOD Pilot (Burbank).

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Job Description

Looking for a Payroll Accountant, 2nd Assistant Accountant, and AP/Payroll Clerk to join our fun-loving, hard-working accounting team on a high-profile, very exciting 1/2 hour, single-cam HBSVOD pilot! We will be IN-OFFICE in Burbank with Covid protocols in place. Hoping to find nice people who are great at their jobs and are a joy to work with.

* Early February thru approximately end of April
* Office located in Burbank
* Must be Local 871 or willing to join

Must be very well organized, skilled in digital workflows, and proficient with the following software:

* PSL+
* CASH├ęt
* Adobe Pro
* Docusign
* Potential digital timecard submission program TBD

Please send resumes and references to the email listed below.

If interested please e-mail a resume to