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Scripted Series

Payroll Accountant needed for 1/2 Hour Series (Pittsburgh).

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Job Description

Payroll Accountant – New ½ Hour Series in Pittsburgh, PA
Needed: Payroll Accountant.
Project detail: scripted half-hour union series.
Job length: From early August to early December.
Where: Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.

Skills needed: Familiar with Cast&Crew payroll; PSL+, Showbiz SAG & Timecards, and Excel knowledge a must; excellent communication skills; good organizational skills; proficiency with handling all aspects of above-the-line and below-the-line payroll. Must be proficient with union/guild rules. Position will entail supervising three others in payroll, two of which are already on. Video chat expertise a bonus; however, this is an on-site position, not remote. Do not apply if you are not available immediately. This is a union position.

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