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Payroll and Contract Coordinator – Talent/Casting (Burbank, CA).

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Job Description

The Payroll and Contract Coordinator – Talent/Casting is responsible for collecting, maintaining, and processing all talent payroll documents and contracts for the Casting Department. This position requires one to work under tight deadlines with many departments in a fast-paced work environment while maintaining confidential information and material.

-Processing Talent Payroll for multiple productions.
-Preparing, tracking, and routing talent contracts between the Casting Department and Business and Legal Affairs.
-Collecting and maintaining talent authorization paperwork from agencies.
-Review and approve all incoming talent invoices from Cast & Crew.
-Act as a point of contact for all talent-related payment questions.
-Ensure talent paperwork is received, complete, and accurate for processing.
-Distribute, file, scan, and archive talent documents.
-Collect and route minor paperwork between the Casting Department and Business and Legal Affairs.
-Track documents to ensure everything is processed in a timely manner.
-Maintain a database with confidential project, talent, and agent information.
-Distribute final cast information to Residuals Department.

-2 years of Talent Payroll Processing experience
-Understanding of SAG guidelines and Talent Contracts
-Working knowledge of Agencies
-Knowledge of ARIBA/ SAP finance systems
-Knowledge of Windows and Microsoft Office (Word, Excel, Outlook, etc)
-Strong attention to detail
-Ability to track and organize large volumes of material and data across multiple productions
-Superb written and verbal skills
-Excellent people skills
-Strong typing

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