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Production Accountant for Indie Feature (Remote).

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Job Description

Hello. We are looking for a 2nd AsWe are looking for a Production Accountant to:
– Coordinate communication between Production Team and Media Services
– Distribute and collect cast and crew paperwork. Share cast and crew paperwork with MS and archive cast and crew paperwork on the dropbox.
– Oversee cast and crew timecards. Crew will fill out their own time cards through MS’s TiM digital timecard system but submissions will need to be monitored for accuracy with the help of coordinator. SAG Timecard’s and G’s will need to be filled out and submitted as per usual.
– Double check Production’s actualization against bank account ledger. Monitor Showbiz budget using MS’s Media Web Software.
– Prepare weekly cost reports and wrap cost reports for investors.
– Prepare final cost report for SAG
– Prepare all accounting and paperwork for 2021 tax submission
Rates and Dates:
Prep: 8/16 – 8/27 – 2 weeks
Shoot: 8/30 – 9/18 – 3 weeks
Wrap: 9/20 – 10/1 – 2 weeks

If interested please e-mail a resume to