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Production Accountant for Prod Co (Los Angeles).

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Job Description

We’re looking for a candidate who embodies a team first mentality, adapts easily to change and has a close attention to detail. Beyond is Headquartered in Sydney, Australia, so a lot of the accounting processes are different than most US-based companies.

– Role: Production Accountant
– Start Date: June 27
– Full time, 1 year contract
– Location: LA based, currently a remote position, but may change to working in office at some point

– Process payment requests for Checks, ACH’s and WIRES.  Make sure proper documentation and approvals have been submitted, print check(s) or set-up electronic payment, process payment into the system.  Payments are entered into the system using Excel templates imported with the Q&A module, then accepted and allocated into the SUN system
– Process Credit Card expense reports into the system for ongoing productions, and reconcile individual cardholder balances on a monthly-statement basis. 
– Manage Petty Cash distribution (in Cash), and process and track petty cash.
– Generate Monthly Cost Reports and matching TRWIPS (aka Ledgers) for all LA Office titles that have budgets. 
– Fix or Repair Cost Reports (generated in excel) that have either formula errors, coding errors or other systemic issue that prevents the Cost Report actuals from matching the TRWIP actuals.  This task requires a high level of Excel skills, especially for authoring and comprehending basic Excel formulas, formatting, and most especially, a mastery of the SUMIF function.
– Process WIP Moves (aka Journal Entries) as needed to move expenses within a ledger or between ledgers.
– Manually maintain and update a Check Registry with adjusted account balance, mostly used for Cash Flow reports
– Generate a weekly 13-Week projection of Cash Flow for the LA Office bank account. 
– Manually maintain and update payee W9s, and a yearly 1099 tracker. 
– Fill-in for 2nd Accountant to process payroll and development payments when the 2nd Accountant is on vacation or not available.

– Experience with all aspects of production accounting and finance
– Working knowledge and understanding of taxes, reporting, auditing regulations to ensure compliance in all aspects of production accounting
– In-depth, working knowledge of Microsoft Excel, Q&A module, Sun Accounting system, Movie Magic
– Highly organized, accurate, with an acute attention to detail
– Flexible and ready to adapt to change
– Team player, able to collaborate and maintain positive working relationships with production teams
– Problem-solving mindset, looking for solutions, not just focused on accomplishing tasks
– Strong listening, written and verbal skills
– Professional, direct and purposeful in all communication

If interested please e-mail a resume to