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Studio Finance

Senior Production Finance Accountant for Studio (Century City, CA).

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Job Description


Independent studio searching for a full-time SENIOR PRODUCTION FINANCE ACCOUNTANT to work at the studio level. Full benefits, steady job, hybrid position.


Pre Pre‐Production:
1. Update accounting manual.
2. Assist with setup of shows:
a. Payroll
b. Accounting Systems (filing, PCard, software, etc.)
3. Send manual and train accountants on manual specifics.
4. Work with VP, Production Finance on finding accounting crew.
5. Maintain files of Bank Account Opening/Closing Details, and New Corp
6. Assist with tax incentive documents and applications.
7. Work with corporate on historical costs and show reconciliation to

Pre‐Production & Production:
8. Training accounting team on show accounting systems:
a. Cloud Based Filing (OneDrive, Google Drive, DropBox)
b. CASHet Pcards
c. CASHet Pay
d. PSL / SmartAccounting / Greenslate / Extreme Reach
e. SmartStart, SmartTime, Start+, Hours+, Studio+, Greenslate, CAPS,
9. Point person for show accounting questions.
10. Audit books and backup periodically for accounting procedures accuracy.
11. Audit systems (like CASHet) for accuracy.
12. Work with corporate on historical costs and show reconciliation to

13. All Post Accountant duties.
a. AP and Payroll (production clean up and post)
b. Trial Balance clearing
c. Bank Reconciliations
d. Journal Entries
14. Corporate Audit Prep/Assist for Production Side of Corp Audit, and for
various Production Company Audits.
15. Closing Reports and Period Closing.
16. Aid VP, Production Finance on cost reports.
17. Auditing – Close out old PO’s, keep estimates up to date, coordinate with
Accounting and Post Production Supervisor on potential costs.
18. Supervise Assistant Accountant (if budgeted) in A/P Entry and Payroll
19. Handle All Large Contract Payments.
20. Maintain Availability of all Necessary Forms (PO, check request, per diem,
etc.), and Logs of Forms Used.
21. Supervise Filing Assistant and Facilitate use of Items in Storage.
22. Handle all A/R
23. Handing out of Petty Cash (if cash show), PCards and Per Diems.
24. Be available to assist VP, Production Finance with projects as directed.
25. Assist in delivery of project.
26. Assist in tax incentive requirements and audits.

Other Duties:
27. Filing of VAT, GST, PST, and other tax related documents.
28. Post 60’s analysis, calculation, and completion of Form D.
29. Maintain corporate AmEx files.
30. Maintain bank statements/reconciliations for potential auditing.
31. Aid in compiling monthly reports for corporate.
32. Collect “P” Reports and Quarterly Trial Balances.
33. Communicate and fulfill requests from foreign auditors for shows with
multiple locations.
34. Other responsibilities and duties per the VP, Production Finance.

1. Bachelor’s degree preferred.
2. 3+ years of production accounting experience. This position translates well from a 1st or 2nd Asst. Acct.
3. Experience Required: CASHet, Entertainment Partners System and/or Cast & Crew
System, Digital Filing, Adobe, Google Drive, DropBox, Excel.
4. Experience Preferred: Movie Magic Budgeting, Production Incentives, Union

Please send resumes to: VREGHR@VREG.COM