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Wrap Accountant needed (Burbank)

GREAT OPPORTUNITY for Strong 1st Assistant Accountants!

Position: Full Time Wrap Accountant
Department: Scripted Television
Location: Burbank Area

Applicant Requirements:

-Experience as a 1st assistant production accountant for at least 2-3 years OR experience as a wrap accountant at television studio for 2-3 years.
-Should be ready to hit the ground running. Accountant will be covering multiple pilots, series and multi-currency shows.
-High level of experience with PSL, SAP, Classic Vista, Global Vista and be willing to learn new software platforms as they are introduced.
-Must be Microsoft Excel savvy.
-Great verbal and written communication skills, with a sense of humor.
-Needs to be able to work independently, as well as with a team.

Please provide references.

Only serious candidates please!

Send resume and references to the following email: